Airbus’ Oil and Gas Fleet Surpasses 10 Million Flight Hours

By Staff Writer | January 15, 2015
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Utilized worldwide in some of the most challenging conditions, the deployed fleet of Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft in service for the oil and gas industry has accumulated more than 10 million flight hours as of the end of 2014.

Of the estimated 2,300 rotorcraft used in oil and gas missions today, approximately 25 percent are produced by Airbus Helicopters. The leading geographic region is in the Americas, where the company’s helicopters have accumulated more than 4.12 million flight hours, followed by Europe (3.27 million flight hours), Asia (more than 1.82 million flight hours), Africa (more than 557,000 flight hours) and Oceania (216,000 flight hours).

In addition to established oil and gas zones such as the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico, Airbus Helicopters’ product line is increasingly used in the evolving energy sector regions that range from China and Myanmar to Africa. Airbus Helicopters supports its international operator base by strategically locating resources that include spare parts centers, training facilities with full-flight simulators, and technical and safety representatives.


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