FRASCA International to Display Two Simulators at Heli-Expo 2015

By Staff Writer | February 24, 2015
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FRASCA International, Inc. of Urbana, Ill. will be displaying two helicopter flight simulators at HAI Heli-Expo 2015 (March 3-5, in Orlando, Fla. - booth #5031). Both simulators are newly developed and feature enhanced training features and technology.

FRASCA's new TruFlite R44 Flight Training Device (FTD) is a high fidelity simulator for the Robinson R44 helicopter. “Last year during the HAI convention, we heard a number of customers mention that the fidelity of existing light helicopter simulators was inadequate and limited transfer of learning,” said John Frasca, President of FRASCA International. “We listened and determined that a high fidelity device with FTD Level 5 approval was needed. Our engineers were able to incorporate the fidelity and quality of our Full Flight Simulators (FFS) into an entry level FTD.”


Photo courtesy of FRASCA International


The cockpit of FRASCA’s TruFlite R44 is a replica of the aircraft and includes panels, controls and instrumentation. Control pressures are realistically simulated by FRASCA’s TruFeel control loading system. The TruFlite R44 includes FRASCA’s TruVision visual system providing highly realistic visual training environments. It can also to be converted into an S300 by removing the R44's T-bar cyclic and adding two S300-style cyclics. “With this incredibly accurate R44 FTD, we have elevated the level of simulation available for this class of aircraft, which allows more training to be performed in the simulator.” The R44 FTD is designed for use by helicopter flight schools, commercial operators and parapublic organizations. Future plans for the TruFlite product line are to add an R66 configuration and add Electronic Flight Instrumentation as an option.

FRASCA’s new Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT) provides a cost-effective simulated cockpit environment for pilot training and can be configured for many aircraft types with the ability to incorporate one or more aircraft systems. The TruFlite CPT on display at HAI Heli-Expo 2015 represents a Sikorsky S-92 including all aircraft systems and avionics. It utilizes touchscreen monitors, which are spatially oriented to represent the aircraft's main instrument panel, center console and overhead panels. FRASCA’s design includes multi-touch capability allowing two pilots to activate multiple switches at the same time. A real flight management system (FMS) keypad is provided to allow for full-tactile simulation of the FMS, which is a benefit when entering FMS data.


Photo courtesy of FRASCA International

“We developed the TruFlite CPT in response to our customers' need to perform procedures training without incurring the cost of a FTD or FFS," said Frasca. "It’s the perfect device for an operations base or to supplement an overworked simulator or FTD in a training center. We were able to exploit our FTD and FFS technology into the TruFlite CPT providing high fidelity simulation by reusing our existing software.”

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