Aspen Avionics Receives STCs for Evolution Flight Display Systems

By Staff Writer | March 2, 2015
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Aspen Avionics, Booth 3164, received overwhelming market acceptance of its Evolution Flight Display System for helicopters. The company has sold more than 500 Evolution Flight Displays to both Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and in the aftermarket.

In addition to being a factory option for Robinson’s R22, R44 Raven I, R44 Raven II, and R66 helicopters, 13 STCs produced by avionics shops in both North America and Europe have been engineered for Aspen glass display installations on 60 helicopter models. The most recently awarded STCs include the following data packages:

  • EASA certification for Western Avionics' Robinson R44
  • Transport Canada certification for Motorflug GmbH Airbus Helicopters EC120
  • EASA certification for Sharman Avionics MD Helicopters MD 500
  • EASA certification for Avionik Straubing's Bell 206
  • FAA certification for Phoenix Heliparts' MD 369, 530F, 530FF, 520N

"The helicopter market is realizing the safety-enhancing benefits of Aspen’s glass panel technology," said Mark Ferrari, vice president of sales and customer support. "The combination of digital ADAHRS reliability, affordable pricing and robust features that increase a pilot’s situational awareness and safety is what makes the Evolution Flight Display System a compelling solution for helicopter operators."


Photo courtesy of Aspen Avionics

EFD1000H PFD features:

  • Airspeed, attitude, altitude, turn rate, slip/skid, magnetic direction and vertical speed
  • Available with either slaved directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI) functionality
  • DG and HSI pilot configurable for either 360 degree or 100 degree arc views
  • Map of GPS flight plan may be underlaid behind DG or HIS
  • HSI version provides full interface with navigation receivers
  • Pitch sync (Robinson factory installations only)
  • Solid-state air data computer and attitude reference system
  • Built-in 30 minute backup battery
  • Built-in emergency GPS sensor

EFD500H MFD features:

  • Pilot selectable moving map for VFR or IFR presentations
  • Relative terrain map
  • Geo-referenced instrument approach plates and airport diagrams

Where to see Aspen’s Evolution Flight Display System at Heli-Expo 2015:

  • Phoenix Heliparts - Booth 2059
  • Robinson Helicopters – Booth 3221
  • Contact Aviation – Booth 4860

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