Turbomeca Improves Global Support Network

By Staff Writer | March 3, 2015
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HAI Heli-Expo2015 Orlando, Fla. - Turbomeca (Safran) is developing a new strategy to further improve the proximity service it offers to its customers. Taking advantage of the planned introduction of new light helicopters, Turbomeca will enlarge its support network to offer a best-in-class service tailored to small fleet operators.

To offer the most comprehensive and reliable support network, Turbomeca is currently increasing the number of its Distributors and Certified Maintenance Centers (CMC). CMC are approved third parties able to offer maintenance and repair services for one or more Turbomeca engine models (using certified tools and equipment).

Turbomeca has currently 36 Distributors and CMC worldwide, a figure planned to double by the end of 2016 and nearly triple by the end of the decade.


In recent months, two new companies have joined this network of partners : Summit Aviation (USA) and AS Aerospace (United Kingdom). The contract with California-based Advanced Helicopter Services (AHS) has been extended to provide support and services to operators in Central America and the Caribbean. During HAI Heli Expo 2015, the British Columbian- based maintenance facility Heli-Welders Canada Limited will also sign a contract and become the second member of CMC network in Canada.

Turbomeca Executive Vice President Support and Services, Franck Saudo said, “Enlarging our international footprint will deliver an even better service to operators of one or two helicopters. These operators already represent a large proportion of the Turbomeca customer base and, with the Bell 505 entry into service, the number of Turbomeca-powered small fleet operators is set to double by the end of 2020.”

As a further illustration of its on-going commitment to customer support, Turbomeca is also offering a new engine pick-up service, a transport solution for core returns or equipment repairs. Turbomeca USA customers will be the first to benefit from this new service that alleviates logistical burdens in a simple, affordable manner.

Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction is Turbomeca’s highest priority. More than 2,500 employees are dedicated to support and maintenance, with 90 people dedicated to field services.

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