FreeFlight Systems Unveils Part 29 Radar Altimeter FRA-5500 

By Staff Writer | March 4, 2015
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HAI Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, Fla. - FreeFlight Systems announced today that they are extending the Radar Altimeter product line to add a Level B capable system to meet the stringent design safety requirements for Part 29 rotorcraft. 

The FreeFlight Systems FRA-5500 Radar Altimeter maintains the same form, fit, and functionality of the popular RA-4X00 series line of TSO’d Radar Altimeters with the added assurances of Level B software. The FRA-5500 will enable compliance for Part 29 operators who need to satisfy the Feb. 21, 2014 FAA Final Rule (RIN 2120-AJ53) requiring installation of radar altimeters.  

The TSO-approved systems are widely deployed in helicopter fleets, including some of the largest HEMS operations worldwide. They are part of a broader range of rotorcraft avionics from FreeFlight Systems including ADS-B, WAAS/GPS and other applications. 


The compact, lightweight systems are designed for any aircraft that operates over water or rough terrain, at nighttime, in close ground proximity, and in other environments lacking visual cues to the ground, landscape, or flight path.

FreeFlight Systems’ radar altimeter systems are known for their accuracy and reliability, their ease of installation and low cost. With precision from 2,500 feet to ground level, the systems are designed for operation in critical flight conditions.

The FRA-5500 integrates with electronic flight information systems (EFIS), flight director systems, and integrated flight decks via available RS232 or ARINC 429 connections. The system optionally includes the night-vision compatible RAD-40 panel-mounted display for altitude pre-select and altimeter readout. The optional FTG-410 Tone Generator audio alert calls flight crew attention to critical altitudes and other aircraft conditions. 

The FRA-5500 is certified to TSO-C87 and meets DO-178B Level B standards.

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