Cadorath Bolsters MoreUPtime Support for Bell Airframes

By Staff Writer | March 5, 2015
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HAI Heli-Expo 2015 Orlando, Fla. - Cadorath Distribution announced it has solidified their long-term commitment towards their support of Bell Helicopter light and medium helicopters by making significant investments into their spares support inventory in early 2015. In addition, with a combined investment into the Rolls-Royce M250 line of engines, Cadorath Distribution looks to provide nose-to-tail support with next day deliveries of items to operators and MRO facilities.

Located in Winnipeg, MB Canada, Cadorath Distribution operates within the Cadorath Aerospace repair facility working in close proximity with a combined goal of providing their customers first rate support and overall - MoreUPtime.

Photo courtesy of Cadorath


Cadorath Distribution strengthens their partnerships with aerospace manufacturers enabling them to offer industry-current products in both OEM and STC spares and kits, while demonstrating the continual expansion of their value package to their customers. Additions to their rapidly growing portfolio of support includes: Mission, environmental control, filtration, hydraulic and cosmetic solutions.

Al Shankie, Sales Manager comments, “This investment and our focus is solely due to our listening to customers’ needs. For many years our customers have relied on us for Rolls-Royce power plant and Bell Helicopter drivetrain spares. This effort guarantees these needs will be satisfied.” Shankie continues, “The broadening of our offering to now include kits, STC’s and detailed configuration requirements cements our commitment of support to our customers.”


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