Russian Helicopters Trained More Than 1,000 Specialists in 2014

By Staff Writer | April 6, 2015
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In 2014, more than 1,000 Russian and international flight and engineering crew underwent training at Russian Helicopters’ training centers. Aircrews from the Emergencies Ministry, Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB), as well as Russian Helicopters' international partners, received additional professional training. Crews from the Republic of Korea, Peru, Kazakhstan and Mongolia were among the international flight personnel involved.

The aircraft training center at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant trained over 200 pilots and engineers for Mi-8AMT and Mi-171 helicopters, which are series produced at the plant. The plant's training center is equipped with a Mi-8AMT / Mi-171 flight simulator, offers full-cycle training and specializes in the retraining and additional professional training for flight and engineering crews. Ulan-Ude is currently developing a simulator for the new Mi-171A2, which will make it possible to start training and re-train flight crews while the helicopter is brought into series production.


Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters


Kazan Helicopters trained 577 specialists in 2014. It provides a full flight crew training package including theory, simulator and flight training and is equipped with a modern Mi-8MTV integrated simulator. The center specializes in training flight and engineering crew for Mi-8MTV, Mi-17-1V, Mi-17V-5, Mi-172, and Ansat helicopters, which are in series production at the plant. In 2014, the center was certified by training staff and received a certificate from Czech company PBS Velká Bíteš for the specialist 'Construction, use and technical service of the Safir 5 K/G Mi auxiliary power unit' training program.

About 300 people, including representatives of international customers that have bought Mi-26(T) helicopters as well as the military Mi-35M and Mi-28NE Night Hunter helicopters, underwent training at the Aviation Training Centre at Rostvertol (Rostov on Don).

Kamov's Moscow Aviation Training Center specializes in training flight and engineering crew for Ka-32, Ka-226 and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters. Theoretical training is carried out in special auditoriums equipped with the latest technology and the training incorporates modern teaching materials.


Photo courtesy of Russian Helicopters

The Aviation Training Center at Novosibirsk Aircraft Repair Plant trains engineering crew in repairs to all types and modifications of Mi- helicopter. Automated training systems are widely used in training. The plant's main production facility offers practical training exercises and internships for engineering staff.

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