Aerospace Optics Introduces NEXSYS Avionics Interface Solutions

By Staff Writer | April 7, 2015
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Aerospace Optics has introduced NEXSYS, a premium product line of flexible avionic system interface solutions offering system designers and engineers the ability to solve system-to-system communication challenges. The NEXSYS brand joins VIVISUN® in positioning Aerospace Optics as one of the industry’s leading innovation solutions manufacturers for illuminated and non-illuminated interface devices.

“The NEXSYS product line is a natural extension for our company,” said Loren Jensen, President, CEO of Aerospace Optics. “In fact, our customers' rapid adoption of LOGIC components for behind-the-panel solutions was the catalyst for the NEXSYS product line and the new NEXSYS ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter. Our engineers identified a real customer need and an opportunity to address everyday electrical challenges with high-performance systems solutions."

The engineering and design team behind the NEXSYS product line is the same talent that established VIVISUN as the gold standard for push-button illuminated switches.


NEXSYS Product Lines are as follows:

NEXSYS LOGIC Module - The NEXSYS LOGIC Module has multiple mounting options and offers electronic latching flip-flops, electronic rotaries, solid state relays, Boolean logic arrays, edge-detecting pulse timers, DC voltage sensors, diodes and terminal blocks. Modules can be easily configured on the NEXSYS website as mix-and-match 8-Pin and 4-Pin components.

NEXSYS Signal Converters - The first NEXSYS signal converter being introduced to the marketplace is the ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429). This innovative interface solution contains no software, firmware or programmable logic and is tested to DO-160 and equivalent MIL-SPEC standards. The SR429 is available as either a factory preset or a universal (user configurable) unit. The SR429 is ideally suited to support the ADS-B mandate and can be used in any application requiring an ARINC 429 to discrete interface.

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