Airware Releases Comprehensive Operating System for Commercial UAS

By Staff Writer | April 24, 2015
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Airware has unveiled its Aerial Information Platform (AIP), an operating system for commercial drones that combines hardware, software and cloud services to enable enterprises to safely operate drones at scale, comply with regulatory and insurance requirements, and rapidly develop industry-specific drone solutions.

The Airware AIP will offer aircraft fleet management, user authentication, data management and the ability to integrate workflows and data with existing business systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), geographic information systems (GIS) and asset management. The platform is marketed as intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training and enabling sophisticated autonomous flight with geofencing and contingency management features. The company is marketing the AIP for a number of commercial applications, including infrastructure inspection, land management, public safety, environmental monitoring, surveying and mapping, precision agriculture, search and rescue, and wildlife conservation.

“Commercial drones will change the way we do our jobs, improve our decision-making and save lives. Today we launch the Aerial Information Platform, the operating system for commercial drones, to enable enterprises to put drones to work,” said Jonathan Downey, founder and CEO of Airware. “We designed the Aerial Information Platform for enterprise needs and created the most reliable, insurable and extensible solution for operating commercial drones at scale.”


GE will become Airware’s first large enterprise customer. Airware will work with GE on a variety of commercial drone applications for their customers. Airware’s platform has also been in use by a number of drone manufacturers and service providers from around the world as part of Airware’s beta program, including Delta Drone (France), Altavian (Florida), Allied Drones (California) and Drone America (Nevada). Now the AIP is available to additional qualified drone manufacturers.

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