DMA-Aero Introduces New Multi-Port RVSM Air Data Test Set

By Staff Writer | April 29, 2015
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DMA-Aero recently released a new reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) compliant MPS49 Air Data Test Set, which is applicable for all types of civil and extended range, fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

The MPS49 has three independent channels for Altitude, Airspeed and Angle of Attack, and is RVSM compliant with a recommended calibration cycle of up to 18 months, thus reducing maintenance costs. Calibration is performed via the instrument’s keypad or touchscreen, and requires no mechanical adjustments. And while DMA has produced three-channel angle of attack test sets for more than 15 years, this Air Data Set is different.

“The MPS49 is not only compact like its predecessors, but it offers something unique,” said President of DMA-Aero Robert Knowles. “This product features an exclusive isolation function for multiple PS, PT and AoA ports with automatic line switching to generate independent calibration and leak testing for each ‘Smart’ probe.”


Additional features include a 5,000-hour warranty on the internal pump, USB port, Encoding Altimeter option, and wireless, Bluetooth and GPIB interfaces all covered by a standard two-year warranty.

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