Textron Systems Introduces Unmanned Systems Training Course Catalog

By Staff Writer | May 5, 2015
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Textron Systems Support Solutions has introduced its new unmanned systems training course catalog.

The company has developed curricula including both classroom and hands-on training elements, utilizing customized materials and training aids to provide a holistic experience. The company’s training experts then tailor the program to the customer’s language of choice, skill level (beginner to advanced), as well as a variety of military and commercial platforms and applications. The company can conduct training at the location of the customer’s choice.

“Our customers have trusted us for years to train and deploy the most highly skilled unmanned systems operators and maintainers to some of the world’s harshest operational environments,” says Senior Vice President and General Manager John Hayward. “Today, we can share that knowledge and experience through our rigorous, end-to-end unmanned systems training program. It is designed to equip students with a broad foundation of knowledge for the best operational outcomes, customized rapidly to the application.”


Course topics cover a wide range of knowledge from basic aviation and information technology background, to platform-specific operations, mission and maintenance considerations. Students also are prepared with detailed instruction around the culture, regulations and customs of the area in which operations will take place.

“We then work with our customers to create a sustainment training program including training support documentation, as well as the assignment and instruction of resident trainers,” says Hayward. “This comprehensive approach gives our customers a lasting learning solution over time.”

Training methods also can be tailored to the customer and application. Classroom instruction can be held in a variety of group sizes, or delivered via web portal, while hands-on training is emphasized throughout to give students confidence in their operations, maintenance and mission execution skills.

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