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By Staff Writer | June 1, 2015
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High Standards Demand Higher Quality Interconnect Solutions

PIC Wire & Cable® has over 40 years of application success in programs and systems worldwide including the AgustaWestland AW139, Sikorsky MH-60G & HH-60G Pave Hawks and Chinook Helicopter Glass Cockpit Upgrade. We serve the aviation industry’s Military, Corporate and Commercial Sectors (Civil, Military and Parapublic/First Responder Helicopters)—providing interconnect solutions including electronic cables, cable connectors and avionic cable assemblies. Our cable products are designed and engineered to meet the most stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria for advanced electronic applications including EMI Immunity, Lightweight, Low Loss, High Temperature and Harsh Environment. Our PICMATES® family of interconnect solutions cover network/communications, data transfer, high frequency/microwave and inflight entertainment cable demands. RFMATES® are used in a wide variety of avionics platforms such as Navigation, Collision Avoidance and Communications systems whereas MicroMATES® are designed specifically to serve Ku Band and X Band applications, providing high bandwidth for data and supporting satellite communications. At PIC Wire & Cable® we aim to Improve Platform & System Performance, Reduce Development & Manufacturing Schedules and Lower Total Costs.For more information, call 1-800-742-3191, or visit www.picwire.com/rotor



Direction Finding SAR


Direction Finding SAR from HR Smith Group of Companies. Mission critical factors for life saving SAR op-erations include: maximum detection range of emergency beacon transmissions, flight time to locate the beacon(s), available time at the rescue site. These parameters are addressed by the Techest DF SAR. 121.5MHz, 156.8MHz and 243MHz are cyclically scanned providing 360 degrees DF bearing. The 406MHz COSPAS-SARSAT signal is provided as an interrupt. The system is compact using a single radome antenna and user friendly cockpit indicator units. Utilisation of the 406MHz COSPAS-SARSAT signal has the advantage of providing up to a 30% increase in detection range due to the higher output power of signal compared to the 121.5MHz homing signal. Use of the 406MHz signal also enables 406MHz message decoding and GPS co-ordinates of the target beacon if they are provided.The system gives a relative bearing straight line approach vector for all intercepted beacon frequencies with an accuracy of 5 degrees. If ARINC 429 is available true bearing and range indications are possible.For more information, visit www.hr-smith.com.


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