AHS International Awards Bell Employees for Technical Paper

By Staff Writer | June 24, 2015
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AHS International has announced the winner of its Alfred Gessow Award for the best technical paper presented at the AHS International 71st Annual Forum and Technology Display. The winning paper is "A Smart Position Sensor for Articulated Rotors," by Troy Schank and Kynn Schulte, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. The paper describes a smart sensing concept to overcome the challenges of measuring the flapping, feathering and leading-lagging positions of modern articulated rotor blades.

The elastomeric bearings used on modern helicopters, it says, make position measurements harder to gather than from earlier-generation blade hinges. The new concept would use a software-driven sensor array installed on the rotor hub, and permanent magnets affixed to the root of the blades. As the blades changed positions, the sensors would detect changes in magnets' fields, which the software would interpret. The system would also be self checking, and able to network with other onboard sensors.

The paper is available for sale in the AHS Online Store


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