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CHC Points to Safety Milestone

By Staff Writer | July 9, 2015
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A key milestone for CHC Helicopter last year was its safety performance, according to President/CEO Karl Fessenden. The offshore support operator’s five-year, rolling-average accident rate as of May 1 was 0.38 for 100,000 flight hours, Fessenden told financial analysts at the company’s fourth-quarter and fiscal 2015 earnings call June 30. He noted the rolling average is “a primary industry measure of safety performance.” He said CHC’s rate compared to 1.8 for 100,000 flight hours for offshore operators in general and 0.8 for twin-engine helicopters (with both of those numbers taken from the Oil & Gas Producers 2009 operations report). “CHC continues to maintain an unwavering focus on ensuring that we never compromise on safety or compliance,” Fessenden said.

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