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U.S. Army Seeks Info on DVE Solution

By Staff Writer | July 13, 2015
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The U.S. Army is searching for contractors interested in working on a four-year project (starting during the current fiscal year) to develop and demonstrate a multi-spectral sensor to help its helicopter pilots fly safely in degraded visual environments. In a July 8 request for information with an Aug. 10 deadline, the service said it seeks info on sources capable of crafting an integrated system that fuses a “forward-looking sensor suite” with “a distributed aperture system” to provide “spherical coverage for situational awareness” through “a seamless, head-tracked image” that Army aviators could use to fly safely—in all phases of flight—through such conditions as brownout, fog, smoke and rain. Ideally, the resulting system would include a threat-warning capability. The sensor suite would include co-located long-wave infrared camera, lidar and radar whose outputs would be meshed with each other, the aircraft navigation system and existing terrain and image databases. The resulting system “must be interoperable with state-of-the-art Army aviation display technology,” including helmet-mounted displays and multifunction displays.

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