Reports Point to Soft Sales, Offshore’s Bite

By Staff Writer | August 5, 2015
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New reports on helicopter sales and shipments point to softness in used aircraft sales and in the impact of the offshore sector's decline on new deliveries. JETNET LLC said used turbine helicopter sales declined 12.2 percent in the first half of the year compared to 2014’s first six months. While used piston sales rose 14.4 percent over that period, the Utica, N.Y.-based analysis firm said asking prices for both categories slipped. Those prices for used turbines were down 7.5 percent, while used piston asking prices were off 5.2 percent. In addition, used aircraft were on the market longer; on average, used turbines took 49 days to sell and used pistons took 58 days. (In comparison, JETNET said, fixed-wing business aircraft are selling faster this year.) In a separate report, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association said first-half worldwide helicopter shipments fell 11 percent from 502 in 2014 to 447 this year. Second-quarter shipments (which GAMA defines as aircraft leaving production sites for customer facilities) show some decline in helicopters targeted in part at the offshore segment. The association said Bell Helicopter reported three 412 shipments for 2015’s second quarter, or 7.7 percent of all Q2 shipments. In 2014 and 2013, shipments of the higher profit-margin 412 made up 13 percent or more of the total Q2 shipments (of 46 and 44, respectively). AgustaWestland reported nine AW139 and three AW189 Q2 shipments, accounting for 57.1 percent of total shipments for the period. Those two aircraft accounted for 78.2 percent of Q2 2014 shipments. In Q2 2013, AW shipped 26 AW139s, or 63.4 of total shipments. (The company was not delivering AW189s yet in Q2 2013.) 

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