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CORRECTION: FAA Moves on UAS Staffing

By Jim McKenna | August 10, 2015
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Our Aug. 6 item, "Look for FAA Moves on UAS Staffing," reported on a reorganization of the U.S. aviation agency's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Office. We said that that AFS-80 office, which is now within the agency's Flight Standards Service, would be made into a full directorate. The FAA says that is incorrect. We also said the new organization "would be on par with other FAA organizations like [the FAA's] Rotorcraft and Engine and Propeller directorates"; those units reside within the Aircraft Certification Service. Reuters on June 3 reported on a speech by FAA Administrator Michael Huerta, quoting him as saying the agency's UAS functions would be reorganized, with a new senior advisor to be charged with coordinating relations with the UAS industry and other stakeholders. Reuters said the reorganization also would include a new UAS office whose head would report directly to FAA Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety Margaret Gilligan. The heads of the Flight Standards and Aircraft Certification services also report to Gilligan. The FAA said it could not confirm that report.


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