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FAI To Establish Drone Sports

By Staff Writer | August 19, 2015
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The World Air Sports Federation (FAI) is paving the way for drones sports and recreational activities. A draft rule document published by the federation’s Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) "will lay the groundwork for exciting events for this booming discipline," said Bruno Delor, 1st CIAM vice president. The CIAM plans to investigate ways to spread the sport internationally to its member countries, evaluate the impact of regulations and modify the draft document based on feedback from initial drone-related events. As a caveat, the CIAM defines "drones" specifically as "aircraft of limited dimensions which are used for competitions, sport or recreational purposes;" whereas "UAVs" are "aerodynes (aircraft heavier than air) with a means of propulsion and are used for scientific research for commercial, governmental or military purposes." The latter apparently are not included. 

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