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Drones Versus Marines, Criminals

By Staff Writer | August 28, 2015
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Defensive measures against small UAS were a major focus at this year's Black Dart exercise organized by the U.S. Defense Department. Many results from this year's 20 or so engagements were kept secret, but one allegedly involved a U.S. Marine Corps sniper shooting down a drone from onboard a UH-1Y Huey. This, according to the DOD, is the first recorded instance of an airborne sniper shooting down a drone with a rifle. Black Dart's project officer, Maj. Scott Gregg, told NBC, "We continue to work on the threat, but the threat continues to evolve." That threat is being harnessed by North Dakota law enforcement thanks to a recent law that permits the use of drones armed with non-lethal projectile weapons, such as bean bag guns and stun guns. House Bill 1328, originally proposed to ban use of all weapons by drones and require a warrant for their use by law enforcers, was modified to specify non-lethal weapons before passing. 

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