FAA Offered Lifeline as Shutdown Looms

By Staff Writer | September 24, 2015
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The FAA would receive six months of funding as part of a proposed U.S. Senate continuing spending resolution meant to avert the looming government shutdown. Congress faces the shutdown Oct. 1 if it fails to agree on a federal budget for fiscal year 2016. The spending bill, proposed by Senate Republicans, would keep select agencies funded roughly through December while a permanent budget is debated later this year. But the language of the bill would further extend FAA funds through March 31, 2016, possibly preventing furloughs for air traffic controllers and other agency workers like those that occurred following the previous shutdown in 2013. Whether this bill is passed might rest on its Planned Parenthood provision—which would defund the nonprofit agency whose alleged unethical activities caused Republicans to threaten the shutdown. The New York Times reported on Sept. 22 that this provision will likely be dropped before the final decision.

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