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AAMS Recommends Regulations for UAS

By Staff Writer | September 30, 2015
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The Assn. of Air Medical Services has released a report describing its official stance on the operations of UAS. The organization argued that despite the U.S. public's focus on how UAS will affect passenger airlines, the "dangers posed to low-level aviation environments are just as great, or perhaps greater." In particular, it urged regulators to consider emergency medical services and other commercial operations that conduct unscheduled flights at low-altitudes and often far away from airport settings. The statement recommended that UAS operate only during visual meteorological conditions, that they be equipped with ADS-B technology and maintain 5 m of separation from any emergency medical operation site or the operational area of its aircraft. "The ability of piloted aircraft to see small UAV/UAS in ample time to avoid them cannot be presumed," said AAMS. "UAV/UAS are simply too small, are often travelling too fast, and are virtually invisible."

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