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FAA Seeks Public Input On Drone Registration

By Staff Writer | October 22, 2015
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The FAA is seeking public input on how best to develop its planned registration system for UAS operating in the national airspace system. The agency today published a Clarification and Request for Information stating its official position that—regardless of whether UAS purposes are for public service, commercial or recreational use—“registration of all UAS is necessary to enforce personal accountability while operating an aircraft in our skies.” Along with this clarification, the agency published a list of 10 questions asking the public for recommendations on how the registration system should work. Among the questions include: when registration should occur, how transfers of ownership should be handled and whether the process should be electronic or web-based. The comments period will close on Nov. 6, after which a “UAS registration task force” will present its recommendations to the agency on Nov. 20. Some members of the public already have shown skepticism that registration will be enough to curtail irresponsible drone use. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Charles Schumer recently reiterated a proposal to require "geofencing" technology that prohibits UAS from flying in specified airspaces, according to USA Today.

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