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Deadline Looms for US Drone Registry Comments

By Staff Writer | November 5, 2015
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One minute before midnight EST Nov. 6 is the deadline for the public to submit comments to the FAA’s drone registry task force. The 26-member group will wrap up three days of deliberations in Washington, D.C., today on recommendations for best marking and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) flown in U.S. civil airspace. It will also address which drones should be excluded from registration requirements based on weight and performance. The task force, which includes numerous UAS and fixed-wing advocacy groups but only one helicopter group, is charged with submitting its recommendations by Nov. 20. More than 1,000 comments have been submitted to date. Last-minute comments can be made on the U.S. regulations website or by fax at 202-493-2251 (refer to docket FAA-2015-4378).

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