Bank VP: Hiring Vets is Good Business

By Staff Writer | November 11, 2015
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American businesses “should commit our time, energy and resources to provide veterans with opportunities,” a bank vice president and former Navy aviator wrote in the Veteran’s Day edition of the New York Post daily newspaper. Anthony Amodeo flew Navy helicopters for 11 years, deploying to the Arabian Gulf and the Horn of Africa during his service. A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, he is now vice president at Bank of America and chief operating officer for Global Transaction Services for large North American corporate clients. When he left the Navy in 2013 as a lieutenant commander, he “joined thousands of other experienced, hard-working post-9/11 veterans looking to bring their skills to the civilian world” outside the traditional campus- and headhunter-recruiting pipelines available to civilian college graduates. He says he worked alumni networks for contacts and applied for jobs with banks, only to be told that the opportunities available to him were low-level, despite his experience as a pilot and a leader for junior officers and sailors. “I struggled to find an organization that understood my situation and recognized my potential,” Amodeo wrote. “It was a series of frustrations.” He discovered a pilot program at Bank of America that specializes in introducing veterans to the financial industry. Now he and the roughly 40 veterans hired through the program “invest in those coming after us.” Amedeo wrote about his fellow veterans, “Through our service, many of us have met and overcome obstacles that can be unimaginable.” American companies “should value what the men and women who have served and sacrificed to defend our freedom have to give here at home, and we can help unlock that potential,” he said. “It’s more than patriotic. It’s also good business.”

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