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Winged-S Survived Sikorsky Takeover

By Staff Writer | November 13, 2015
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Image courtesy of Sikorsky Aircraft

Sikorsky Aircraft’s famed Winged-S emblem has survived the company’s takeover. The helicopter maker’s official logo has changed, however. Gone is the circle of radial lines (meant to represent a gear) that marked it as a unit of United Technologies Corp., which on Nov. 6 completed the $9 billion sale of Sikorsky to aerospace and defense giant Lockheed Martin. Now the helicopter maker’s logo is the name Sikorsky nestled into the wake of the stylized star that marks L-M businesses. However, L-M branding gurus apparently recognized the value of the Winged-S and have cleared its use as an official logo (provided it does not include that UTC gear). The Winged-S adorns Sikorsky’s Rescue Award, among other things. According to the Sikorsky Archives, the Winged-S was created in mid-1928 by a friend of Igor Sikorsky after his company sold the first 10 S-38 flying boat prototypes. The archives say the creator, Andrei Avinoff, was director of the Pittsburgh Art Museum and a fine artist. “It became an instant success,” the archives said, as did the S-38, “the first Sikorsky aircraft to wear it.”

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