NZ Aviation, Farming Leaders Fight Wire Strikes

By Staff Writer | December 23, 2015
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Leaders of New Zealand’s aviation and farmer communities are pressing their campaign to remove suspended wires that pose hazards to helicopters and other agricultural aircraft. 
The New Zealand Agricultural Aviation Assn. launched the "Down to the Wire" initiative two years ago in partnership with the nation’s Civil Aviation Authority and Federated Farmers of New Zealand, which represents farmers throughout the country. Their goal is to ask farmers to remove overhead wires across gullies and TV and telephone wires that are no longer in use.
The campaign’s latest ambassador, according to the news website, is Shannon Carr; her father, Peter Robb, died Oct. 28, 2014, after his Hill Country Helicopters Hughes 500E apparently struck a wire near Wanganui, about 80 nm north of Wellington on New Zealand’s North Island. Carr is one of 29 ambassadors, one for each pilot killed in a New Zealand wire strike. She succeeded her father as Hill Country Helicopters’ CEO.

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