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Helideck Regulations Attract Consultants to UAE

By Staff Writer | January 12, 2016
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The United Arab Emirates' helideck and helipad regulations have prompted at least one company to form in the hopes of capitalizing on that region’s growing need for aviation expertise.  

The regulatory framework introduced by the UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority governs the design, inspection and operation of helicopter landing facilities. This comes shortly after the authority hosted what it called the Middle East’s first international heliport seminar, held Dec. 8 to 10 in Dubai.
Oryx Aviation Consulting (OAC) is a newly founded consulting company that markets assistance to oil and gas, government and private clients in meeting those new requirements. Oryx is based in Abu Dhabi and primarily offers inspections, audits and advice on construction and operations.
Mark Hayes is heading the Oryx operations team. Hayes is a commercial helicopter pilot, aviation auditor and helideck inspector, as well as the former operations manager of Helideck Certification-Africa—an inspection company based in South Africa. 

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