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AHS Calls for Students to Design Micro Air Vehicles

By Staff Writer | January 13, 2016
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January 22 is the deadline for high school and college students to submit aircraft design proposals for the American Helicopter Society International’s fourth annual micro air vehicle design challenge.
Up to $10,000 will be awarded to winners at the 72nd Annual Forum and Technology Display May 17 to 19 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The competition is open to full-time high school and college students, provided that one member of each team is an AHS member and at least one team member is registered to attend the Forum.
A contending vehicle must be flown and tested in time for its specifications and test results to be submitted to judges by March 18.
This year’s challenge is to design an electric-powered, vertical takeoff and landing rotorcraft that weighs fewer than 1.1 lb and is no larger in any dimension than 17.7 in. The vehicle must have onboard flight stabilization and at least one onboard mission camera and use standard means of communication (though 2.4 GHz is preferred).
The vehicles will be tested indoors in their ability to maintain a steady-state hover, avoid obstacles, search for and acquire a target and return to base efficiently. The flights can be fully autonomous or remotely piloted. 
AHS has more information on the Micro Air Vehicle Student Challenge on its website. 

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