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Volo Mission Hosts Firefighting Seminar

By Staff Writer | January 29, 2016
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Volo Mission will host a firefighting seminar Feb. 24 to 25 at its new location in Greenville, Texas.

Last month, its co-owner and director of operations, Andre Hutchings, completed the final training course that initially was to take place in California. Volo Mission's entire operation had since relocated to a 38-acre lot in Texas. CEO Kimberly Hutchings said the company chose to start with helicopter firefighting training due to a perceived need for it in the industry.

Those who could benefit from participating in the seminar include companies or pilots both within and apart from the firefighting industry, including anyone wanting to learn more about complex aerial fire operations. 
Instructor John Harris, who will conduct the two-day educational seminar, is a U.S. Forest Service Helicopter Check Pilot with many years of experience working aerial fire operations.
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