Elbit Wearable HUD Completes Flight Tests

By Staff Writer | February 24, 2016
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Elbit Systems' Helicopter Skylens wearable head-up display completed a series of successful flight tests in its final configuration mode, making it a world leading system of its kind.
Entering the final flight test stages, the Skylens demonstrated a fully operational configuration with a wider field of view, higher resolution and an upgraded tracking system depicting synthetic vision as well as EVS video imagery. 
The systems were tested during day and night, in a range of locations demonstrating a variety of maneuvers such as rooftop landings and oil rig approaches above the sea, in order to simulate real operational flight conditions during SAR, EMS and rig transportation missions. 
Pilots who have flight tested the system attested to its significant contribution to flight safety and to its maturity, and have expressed their desire to fly the system in their routine missions.
Helicopter Skylens provides the aircrew with a true "out of the cockpit" view, displaying flight symbology for day and night operation in severe weather conditions. In limited visibility conditions, the pilot is able to fly eyes out due to the wide field-of-regard display.
Photo courtesy of Elbit Systems

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