Dart Aerospace Launches New Approved Maintenance Center Network

By Pat Host | March 7, 2016
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Dart Aerospace on March 1 launched its new Approved Maintenance Center (AMC) network of dedicated partners qualified to offer Dart aftermarket solutions, according to a company statement.
The AMC allows small- and medium-sized helicopter operators and private owners to have access to partners who can offer Dart products with competitive terms. The AMC consists of 14 companies. In Canada: Avialta Helicopter Maintenance, Eagle Copters Maintenance and EuroTec. In the United States: Advanced Helicopter Services, Cascade Helicopter Services, Hangar One Avionics, Hillsboro Aviation, Rotorcraft Support, UniFlight (Grand Prairie, Northeast and West Penn), Rotorcraft Services Group, Sterling Helicopter, Summit Helicopters, Metro Aviation and Paradigm Aerospace Corp.
AMC Australasia partners include: Eagle Copters Australasia, Hawker Pacific Australia, Helibiz Pty, Helisupport NZ Ltd., Heliwork QLD, Pacific Crown Helicopters and Yungur Aviation.
Dart said AMC partners have the capability to offer the widest selection of parts, accessories and custom maintenance solutions in the company's aerospace catalog. Helicopter operators and private owners still have the option to work with Dart directly. AMC partners will gain insight from Dart's marketing, product development and customer support teams.
Dart Marketing Manager Simon Langlois said, in the AMC, Dart shares a bit of margin with the AMC partners, which allows them to offer Dart parts on the aftermarket to operators. The AMC partners have a "bit more margin," said Langlois, so they need to be able to manuever and still make money on these parts. He declined to say how much margin Dart is providing, but he said it is the most competitive on the market.
Langois said Dart is looking to expand its AMC to international markets. He said the company is negotiating with new potential partners in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America.

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