Reiser Picks Quantum3D Simulator For H145 HEMS Training  

By Staff Writer | March 9, 2016
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Reiser Simulation and Training GMBH has selected Quantum3D, Inc. to provide image generators and synthetic visual databases for Reiser's civil full-flight simulator (FFS) for 4t-class helicopters, the company said. The FFS will be used for helicopter emergency medical services training in civil urban traffic environments and in offshore scenarios around Germany.

The Independence IDX 8000 series offers both out-the-window and night-vision capability to drive the 15 visual channels in Reiser's simulator. Reiser will be training pilots on Quantum3D-developed high-resolution synthetic visual database providing cues in critical near-ground helicopter search and rescue scenarios. The first version of the training platform will target the Airbus Helicopters H145. The FFS, including its visual system, will be qualified to CS-FSTD(H) Level D.


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