Royal Marine Wildcats Train in Extreme Winter Conditions in Norway

By Staff Writer | March 11, 2016
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The Royal Marines' Commando Helicopter Force has successfully performed training exercises in extreme climatic conditions on its new AW159 Wildcats for the first time in Norway, said the service. Four Wildcats from 847 Naval Air Squadron have spent six weeks contending with subzero temperatures, snow storms and high winds.

Each winter, the Commando Helicopter Force takes some of its aircraft, air and ground crew to Bardufoss Norwegian Air Force Base, roughly half way between Tromsø and Narvik, and a good 170 mi inside the Arctic Circle.

The squadron is now preparing for next month's large-scale Anglo-French amphibious exercise in the Bristol Channel and Irish Sea, Griffin Strike, followed by desert warfare training in El Centro in southern California.


Photo courtesy of the Royal Marines

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