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Safran Groups Companies Under One Brand

By Amy Kluber | March 23, 2016
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Safran has decided to place all of its companies under a single banner and brand name, Safran, to bolster its position as a global industrial leader and accelerate its international growth. The Safran logo therefore becomes the sole emblem representing all group companies.

Operating under a single brand will enable Safran to: further improve its recognition across all markets and publics in all countries where Safran operates; guarantee the enhanced visibility of its businesses and the products and services it offers; bolster all employees' feelings of belonging to a single enterprise, and facilitate the elimination of barriers and the development of cross-disciplinary projects, while boosting collaboration and mobility.
This change only concerns the names of Safran companies, which now include the Safran brand plus a description of their business. Each company's organization and scope will stay the same. The global deployment of this project will start on May 19, 2016. Along with the name changes, Safran will also change its brand logo, revamp its brand image and create a new baseline.

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