Hot Products for Helicopter Operators

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2016
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Blue Sky Network SkyRouter 3

Blue Sky Network has released a new version of its web portal—SkyRouter. SkyRouter 3 is a fleet management software that supports the monitoring of globally dispersed and critical assets. The latest version provides customization of maps, alerts, sounds, filters and reports to streamlined Geofencing functions. Now running under Google maps, operators have access to functionalities like Google Earth live tracker and street view. Users can also add multiple locations at once with the new batch upload feature and even designate custom icons to maps. For more information, visit www.blueskynetwork.com.






Spidertracks Aircraft Tracker


Spidertracks released four new features for its aircraft tracking service. The new features are centered on delivering more data to the operator in a more useful and meaningful way to optimize their business. Benefits include enhanced safety management capabilities, some basic flight data monitoring, operational messaging and the ability to better utilize resources and ultimately put dollars on their bottom line. For more information, visit www.spidertracks.com.





Curtiss-Wright Fortress HUMS

The new Fortress HUMS is compact and lightweight at 13 lb, with ED-112A-compliant cockpit voice and flight data recorder and an integral health and usage monitoring system. This system can reduce weight and space requirements previously required to provide FDR and HUMS capabilities. It combines Curtiss-Wright’s next-generation Fortress crash recorder with Ultra Electronics’ HUMS.


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