Frasca to Deliver More FTDs to China

By Amy Kluber | April 8, 2016
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Frasca International, Inc. has received an order for two helicopter flight training devices (FTD) for China Flying Dragon General Aviation Co. Ltd., in the Heilongjiang Province of China. The two S300/R44 FTDs will be convertible between the Schweizer S300 and the Robinson R44.   

In addition to these two simulators for China Flying Dragon, Frasca recently delivered a S300/R44 FTD to Xin Lin Feng Teng GA Corporation in Guanghan, China, and a R44 FTD to Sky Safari in Shanghai, China. Additionally, Frasca has received an order for a R44 FTD to Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon.
Frasca has been active in the Chinese aviation market for over 25 years. Currently there are 14 major Chinese customers operating 34 Frasca simulators.
Photo courtesy of Frasca International, Inc.

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