Egypt to Receive Helicopter Carriers in Mid-to-Late 2016

By Joseph Ambrogne | April 11, 2016
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Two Mistral-class helicopter carriers are slated for delivery to Egypt later this year, according to a French official.

Andre Parant, French ambassador in Cairo, told reporters during an April 10 press conference that France would deliver its two carriers to Egypt between June and September 2016. The carriers are built to transport up to 16 Kamov Ka-27/29 Ka-52 helicopters.

France originally had built the carriers for Russia, according to 2011 deal worth roughly 1.2 billion euros, and would have delivered the first carrier during the fall of 2014. But France canceled the deal following pressure from its NATO allies over Russia's annexation of Crimea and involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. 


Canada subsequently had shown interest in the warships, but was unable to secure a deal due to its late-2015 federal elections cycle and its uncertainty over long-term financial and operational burdens the carriers would create.

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