SeaPlanner Launches Marine and Helicopter Coordination Center

By Amy Kluber | April 11, 2016
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SeaPlanner will be the system provider for DONG Energy's Marine and Helicopter Coordination Centre (MHCC), which will be a centralized hub for its U.K. offshore wind farm construction and a number of regional Operations MHCCs. SeaPlanner will provide DONG with personnel management, vessel and helicopter tracking and the communication dispatcher and site-wide communications hardware.

SeaPlanner will be deploying several unmanned communications containers that will house all equipment required, including antennae, to carry out all communications on far offshore windfarms including vessel tracking, VHF marine and airband, Tetra, helicopter tracking and crewfinder. The containers contain several self-contained safety systems including fire suppression, gas detection and climate control. The container will be suitable for applications on guard vessels and offshore platforms.

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