Statoil to Investigate Norwegian CHC EC225 Crash

By Amy Kluber | May 18, 2016
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Statoil said it will investigate the April 29 Norwegian offshore helicopter accident in an effort to improve Statoil's helicopter safety efforts in the region. The Accident Investigation Board Norway's investigation of that crash is still ongoing. The in-house investigation will evaluate any conditions of the accident prior to the Board's official report. 

Statoil’s investigation team will go through various safety-related aspects of Statoil’s helicopter operations, including the company's emergency response efforts following the accident.

CHC Helikopter Service, which was operating under contract for Statoil the EC225 that crashed, will conduct a separate investigation, in which Statoil will observe. The police are also investigating the accident. Statoil's report is due by Sep. 30, after which it will be published.


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