Germany Grounds Super Pumas Amid Gearbox Concerns

By Amy Kluber | June 3, 2016
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After a Europe-wide grounding of civilian Airbus Helicopters aircraft, the German Defence Ministry has followed suit for its three Airbus AS532s that transport Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In April, an Airbus H225 Super Puma crashed while transporting passengers from an oil rig off the Norwegian coast, killing all on board.

The Accident Investigation Board Norway said earlier this week that it had found fatigue in part of the helicopter's gearbox and urged the European Aviation Safety Authority to take necessary safety precautions. EASA subsequently grounded all Airbus H225 LP and AS332 L2 Super Puma aircraft in the region. The Super Puma had already been grounded since the incident in both Norway and the U.K.


Reuters reported the grounding will remain in effect pending ongoing investigations.

Photo courtesy of the Accident Investigation Board Norway

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