New NEMSPA President to Focus on LOFT

By Amy Kluber | August 12, 2016
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The National EMS Pilots Assn. (NEMSPA) has appointed Miles Dunagan as its next president elect and will be taking the reins at the annual Air Medical Transport Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, in September.
Dunagan has been a fixed- and rotary-wing commercial pilot for 27 yr with more than 8,000 hr of flight time as pilot in command. He has been a board member of NEMSPA since 2014.
One focus for Dunagan in his new position is line orientation flight training (LOFT). "We want to work directly with the FAA and the NTSB in designing air ambulance-specific LOFT scenarios that are based on past air ambulance accidents," said Dunagan. "This will provide both current and new pilots, as well as clinicians, with better real world, lessons-learned, training opportunities."
Dunagan has been involved with the helicopter air ambulance industry for the past 10 yr. He is a certified flight instructor and a graduate of the Transportation Safety Institute course on safety management systems. He is also a graduate of the AAMS Safety Academy.
Photo courtesy of the National EMS Pilots Assn.

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