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Minnesota Man Faces Charges in Helo Shooting

By S.L. Fuller | September 2, 2016
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A Minnesota man will face both federal and state charges for shooting at a US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter during a drug reconnaissance mission earlier this month.

On Aug. 8, a CBP pilot, an FBI agent and a Polk County deputy were onboard the helicopter as part of the Minnesota Pine-to-Prairie Task Force. While flying above a man’s property on reports of a possible marijuana crop, the helicopter was struck by a bullet, shattering the window and inuring the deputy’s left arm, ribs and eyes, according to local media reports. 

That state's Clearwater District Court charged Carstie Lee Clausen Monday with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault for using deadly force against a peace officer and using a dangerous weapon in the incident. Federal charges followed.


County Attorney Richard Mollin Jr. said that his office would allow federal proceedings to happen first.

No further hearings have been scheduled for the federal case, and a review hearing is scheduled for Sept. 28 in district court.

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