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Helos Rescue Stranded Tourists in French Alps Cable Cars

By S.L. Fuller | September 9, 2016
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Helicopter rescue teams rescued dozens of the 110 tourists stranded mid-air in cable cars over the French Alps, according to news reports.

The rescue included a Eurocopter EC145 operated by the French Société Civile Immobilière and two Leonardo AW139s operated by the Italian Airgreen, among other efforts. 

While helicopters were able to bring most of the tourists to safety on Thursday, the remaining people had to stay in the cable cars overnight while crews waited until first sunlight to resume the mission.


High winds and twisted cables are the most likely cause of the gondola malfunction, leaving 36 cable cars immobile. Safety blankets, food and water were supplied to those stranded overnight.

At this time, all tourists have been returned to safety.


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