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By Staff Writer | October 1, 2016
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Funding for Conservation

In response to your web brief (“Conservation Group Funding Anti-Poaching Helo,” Aug. 15), anyone wishing to support anti-poaching organizations in Africa should first consider supporting INTERPOL’s Wildlife Crimes Division. Most poachers are linked indirectly or directly to Islamic State and Al-Qaeda groups.

To this date, there are a number of illegal endangered animal parts that enter the U.S. What most people are not aware of is the presence of INTERPOL working globally to eradicate the poachers. Unfortunately, its funding is limited.


In my opinion, there are too many groups trying to replicate INTERPOL. If people want to make a donation, they should do so to INTERPOL and direct the donation for a specific purpose.

For example, my donation was to hire and train conservation rangers, or for the purchase of surveillance aircraft also equipped to take out poachers.

We have experienced people in the U.S. who donate their time to train African park rangers through INTERPOL in various ways. I am not experienced with the poaching in Africa; however, I am very knowledgeable working with INTERPOL with the endangered sea turtle. I wish them the best, but to be effective there needs to be one chief.

Leslie J. WeinsteinBoise, IdahoWhat is the purpose of the red mask with teeth on the aircraft crewmember in the picture on the cover of the September 2016 issue?

Coast Guard Masks

What is the purpose of the red mask with teeth on the aircraft crewmember in the picture on the cover of the September 2016 issue?
The flooding is terror enough. I’m not sure I would want to be rescued by someone looking like this. I hope that the Guard is more professional than this crewmember appears to be.
Conrad W. Davis
Enterprise, Alabama

Single-Engine IFR Critics I

n regards to your August 2016 article “Momentum Builds for US Single-Engine IFR Certification,” (page 24), critics of the industry white paper have every right to their opinions. However, they are wrong when it comes to the cost factor and making pilots “braver” if they had single-engine IFR-certified helicopters. Manufacturers and operators who disagree with single-engine IFR operations are not required to participate, but please don’t oppose the efforts that will allow others to pursue those operations.Craig WheelNewark, DelawareWhat does Rotor the cat read at the office? Rotor & Wing International, of course!Shared by Shawn L. JohnstonDubai, UAE Question of the Month:Safety excellence expert Shawn Galloway told last month’s CHC Safety & Quality Summit that he has “never seen a company punished into excellence.” Have you?Let us know, and look for responses in a future issue. You’ll find contact information below.Do you have comments on the rotorcraft industry or recent articles and viewpoints we’ve published? Email us at rotornwing@accessintel.com.

[Regarding the simulated drone-helicopter crash shown on the BBC’s “Casualty” hospital TV drama (Aug. 27), ]there’s always probability, but rather low to that extent. Also, if there was a drone present, I would hope it would be with permission and some coordination to avoid contact [with an EMS helicopter]. Media should not get hold of this, or they will show it as “OMG! Look what might happen!”

Grzegorz Tokarski  Rotor & Wing International

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