Waypoint AW139 Leases Support Africa, Asia Ops

By S.L. Fuller | October 13, 2016
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Ireland's Waypoint Leasing will be supporting two Leonardo AW139s per recent agreements — one that will support oil and gas operations in North Africa, and one that will do the same in Asia. Both rotorcraft were previously operated by CHC Helicopter, and will now by operated by Heliconia Group and HNZ Group.

Heliconia Group has a major presence in North and Sub Saharan Africa, providing both onshore and offshore capabilities. It currently operates a fleet of Airbus Helicopters EC130s, AS2450s, AS355s, AS365s and Leonardo AW139s. HNZ Group is based in Canada, and also has operations in New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Southeast Asia and Antarctica. It also provides both onshore and offshore capabilities, operating more than 115 rotorcraft.

Having opened its doors in 2013, Waypoint’s portfolio includes more than 135 aircraft for 18 customers in 28 countries. The company also has firm and option orders with manufacturers for more than 125 helicopters to be delivered over the next five years.


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