LORD, Embraer Partnership Explores Helo Market

By S.L. Fuller | November 3, 2016
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LORD Corp. and Embraer have worked together before. But the Embraer Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 jet simulation program is the first time LORD Fly-by-Wire Systems France (FbW) has worked with Embraer, and it is displaying the cockpit simulator in Orlando, Florida, at NBAA. LORD's acquisition of FbW closed in June, and the two companies, now one, say each is helping the other expand into new markets. That includes rotorcraft.

Most widely known for its helicopter work, including vibration control, LORD is actively trying to expand its present in the fixed-wing market. The company said it is trying to return to its previous state of nearly equal fixed and rotary wing focus. LORD’s president of Aerospace and Defense, William Cerami, noted that this does not mean any resources are being taken from the company’s rotary division. On the other hand, FbW is known primarily as a fixed-wing company.

FbW’s commercial director, Frédéric Ponchon, emphasized that as helicopters get bigger, the need for fly-by-wire technology will become greater. Manpower will eventually not be enough to control flight. Already, FbW has rotary-wing endeavors in the works, as framework starts to come together. Within the next five years, the company said that framework could see fruition. 


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