Petition Calls to Ground New York Helo Tourism Flights

By S.L. Fuller | November 17, 2016
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Liberty Helicopters' tour around the lower half of Manhattan.

Liberty Helicopters' tour around the lower half of Manhattan. Photo courtesy of David Shankbone

A group advocating for the ban of helicopter tourism flights over certain areas of New York City have filed a petition with the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Helicopters are too noisy, are heavy polluters, endanger human health and pose terrorist threats. At least, those are some of the claims of New York City's "Stop the Chop." As reported in the May 2016 issue of R&WI (Noise: I Can't Hear You, page 32), current Stop the Chop President John Dellaportas told contributor Todd Vorenkamp that tourist helicopters in New York City "provide no benefit and wreak human misery on all near their flight path."


NY Daily News reported that Stop the Chop is petitioning the court to ground tourist helicopter flights from the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, citing court papers. The petition, filed with the Manhattan Supreme Court, reportedly demands voiding of the city’s contract with helicopter tour companies that permits flights from the Downtown Manhattan waterfront from July 2016. The contract, supported by City Hall, already significantly decreases the number of allowed sightseeing flights.

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