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Rega to Update Fleet with H145s, AW169-FIPS

By S.L. Fuller | December 14, 2016
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Photo courtesy of Rega

Photo courtesy of Rega

Swiss Air-Rescue Rega is set to replace its Airbus Helicopters EC145s with six new Airbus H145s, the emergency medical service provider said. The updated rotorcraft is expected to go into service during the summer of 2018.

The older helicopters were purchased in 2003, and the new models should reduce maintenance time. Rega also operates Airbus H125s, Leonardo Da Vinicis and Challenger CL-604 jets. The new H145s are designated for the lowland bases with the other Airbus models, while the Da Vincis operate out of the mountain bases.


For an investment of approximately $51.2 million, the six new helicopters come equipped with four-axis autopilot and medical equipment with a cabin spacious enough to carry large medical equipment like a heart-lung machine or mobile incubator. Funding has been earmarked in Rega’s long-term financial planning and can be funded without outside capital.

Also in the summer of 2018, Rega plans to integrate three Bombardier Challenger 650 jets. Then in 2021, the operator plans to take delivery of three new all-weather Leonardo AW169-FIPSs, complete with anti-icing systems.

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