Corail Helicopters R44 Becomes First Helo to Land in Saba

By S.L. Fuller | January 26, 2017
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Photo courtesy of Sky Helicopters

A Corail Helicopters Caribbean Robinson Helicopter Co. R44 became the first commercial helicopter to land on the Netherland Caribbean island of Saba, according to news reports. The push for helicopter transportation options in Saba had reportedly come in part from yacht owners.

The Robinson R44 had been hired by a yacht owner who reportedly wanted to fly a photographer to the island to do a photo shoot of the yacht in Saba. Corail Helicopters recently added the island to its capabilities after Saba received necessary permissions from the Netherlands, of which it is a municipality.


Corail Helicopters operates a fleet of eight, including the Europcopter (Airbus Helicopters) AS355N and -NP, the Ecurocopter (Airbus) AS350 B2, the Eurocopter (Airbus) 130 B4 and T2, and the Robinson R44. The company offers transfer flights, tours, trial lesson flights, photography and filming, specialized work and management services.

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