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Sikorsky Launches S-92, S-76D Manuals & Safety Program

By Amy Kluber | March 7, 2017
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Sikorsky said it has launched flight crew operating manuals (FCOM) for the S-92 and S-76D. The manufacturer also highlighted latest health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) achievements on the S-92.

This news follows 2016 peer reviews. The FCOMs are available for the iPad as part of the iFly Sikorsky suite. Standardized operation procedures for a range of topics are included in the FCOM, including pre-flight to shutdown. Universal Crew Resource Management concepts are also included, emphasizing the human and hardware interface. The systems will be on display as part of the iFly Sikorsky electronic flight bag at booth 8114.

Sikorsky said during a press event at Heli-Expo March 7 that the S-92 has demonstrated the in-flight transmission of HUMS data to PHI Inc.'s operations control center. This means PHI operators can now assess and track aircraft health data and provide information to aircraft crew and support teams.


“We now have the ability to predict events by analyzing historical data in real-time," said Metro Aviation President Mike Stanberry. "That innovation helps operators more efficiently run their fleet and could very well be lifesaving.”

Metro subsidiary Outerlink Global Solutions was a collaborator on the program, along with Sikorsky and PHI.

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